DIY bloemen regenboog!

DIY flowers rainbow!

A floral rainbow-what do you need:

Step 1:

Make an outline of the arch on the wall. Tthat's how you know roughly where the flowers should be.

Step 2

Take the sponge and dip it in the paint. Press the sponge on the wall, move a little back and forth so that the paint comes off the sponge. Practice this on a piece of cardboard so you know how to get the best result.

The drier the sponge the better the result! Tip: Use a sponge for every color. 

Step 3

Retouch the flowers with a small brush.

Step 4

Add more flowers and retouch the flowers as you add more colors. Repeat this until you get the bow!

Tip: From time to time, look from a distance to see if you still like the shape of the arch and the colors together. I painted a color over myself (the light yellow you see in this picture) because I didn't think it fitted nicely with the other colors.

Step 5

Make the white dots in the flowers and add the daisies decals between the flowers for a nice full effect.

Step 6

Finally add the bunnies and you're all set!


Wall stickers in the photo: bunnies with daisies and butterflies Extra sheet daisies



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