Kleur inspiratie: beige/groen/roze

Inspiration color: beige/green/pink

Compose a color palette for a room-not always the most easy task! Tips:

Find a picture that you like to fit together in terms of colors. You can then get the main colors from this photo. I use Canva for this-you have an option here to choose a color from an image. In this way, I selected five colors that match well with this photo:

You can then see if you want to paint certain elements in the room (wall, cupboard, bed) or want to work with accessories. Are you going for paint? Always take testers! Colors on the wall come out differently due to, for example, light in the room (or simply that the color differs from the steel).

The wall stickers in the they picture are theXL flowers setAnd theSparrowWall stickers.

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