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Waterverf Giraf XL (170 cm) & kleine giraf (85 cm) | Papertales Design

Waterverf Giraf XL (170 cm) & kleine giraf (85 cm) | Papertales Design

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Zo, dit is nog eens een giraf. En kijk hem eens vriendelijk naar zijn kleintje lachen! De prachtige kleuren van deze langnekken zijn mooi te combineren in de kinderkamer met andere jungle dieren.

Deze muurstickers zijn ontworpen door Papertales Design en zijn ook verkrijgbaar in een kleine variant.

Op de foto:

Foto 1: Waterverf giraf XL & kleine giraf

Foto 2: Waterverf giraf XL, sterren in goud (hier mist de kleine giraf, deze zit wel in de set)


  • 1 giraffe - 170 cm by 88 cm
  • 1 giraffe - 85 cm by 47 cm


The  stickers / decals are made, designed and shipped from the Netherlands.

The  stickers / decals are PVC free and printed on fabric with toxic free ink. The material is sturdy and will not tear easily.


Shipping 1-2 working days - delivery dates depend on the country. Shipping cost can be found here.

Care instructions

The stickers / decals are removable and reusable - but please note that they are not designed to repeatedly removed and reused. 

Peel and stick application. Removable with little to no residue. Instructions are included in every order. 

The stickers / decals are suitable for almost every smooth, flat and dry surface. Please note that you have to wait 3-4 weeks (depending on drying conditions) between painting the walls and the application. 


Do you have questions, or need to be sure about something? Please send a message to

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