Tip: behang maken met stickers!

Making a wallpaper pattern with decals

In less than half an hour, decorate the entire wall with wallpaper like pattern? Totally possible The decals ensure you don't have to get started with rolls of wallpaper and glue. And you can decide for yourself how (busy or calm) you want the pattern to look like.


  • Do a few steps back once in a while, do you find the pattern too busy? Move or remove some of the decals. Too calm? place some extra decals.
  • Don't hesitate, you can move the stickers until you are happy.
  • Absolutly no clue what kind of pattern you would like? Cut out the stickers and hang them on the wall with a bit of painters tape. You can also just put the decals up and move them later. If you do the latter, please make sure that the decals stay clean of dust and other dirt. This will make the decals less sticky.

How much decals do I need?

  • Methode 1: Take a picture of the wall and put in paint/ a simelar editing program or just use an editing tool on your phone. Put dots in the picture, those dots are the decals. Create a pattern that you are happy with and count the figures. This way you know what kind of pattern you like and roughly how much decals you need to create the desired pattern.
  • Methode 2: stick pieces of painting tape on the wall. Do you have a pattern you like? Count the figures and you know how many decals you need.
  • Tip: make pattern for 1 m3.  Then measure the entire wall. Number of pieces of tape (or digitital dots) of the one m3 you just counted times the number of m3 of the entire wall = total number of decals.

In this picture you see the leaves decals with the giraffes heads.


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