Flower power!

Pop of color in a neutral room

How to make a relaxing nursery or child's room with a bit of color.

There are three elements in the room that are very important when designing a nursery of childs room: Furniture, the floors and of course the walls (and ceiling if you dare to add some color!).


Gone are the days that only white or wooden furniture exists. Nowadays you can choose from a whole range of colors and materials (metal, wood, rattan). Or pick something secondhand a flip it (for instance with paint or new handles)  if the look of it is not suitable for the room. Also, you don't have to buy a whole set of furniture  in one style of color- if you want for instance the crib more colorfull and the changing table more neutral, just buy them seperate. 


If you have a floor that is not quite to your taste and you can (of don't want to), you can work with a large area rug. An added bonus is that the rug will create a soft feel in the room and also adds some texture (and obviously hides the floor a little). 

Budget tip: Ikea, larger DIY stores, Action (EU) and Amazon. 

But even with a floor that is beautiful, a rug can add a lot in terms of color and texture in the room. See, for example, the photo and in your mind remove the rug. It will look a bit empty! If it is a room where your little one also plays, think of a nice play mat or a machine washable rug. There are several options for this (from budget to a bit more exclusive).


For the walls, you can choose to leave the walls white or work with a neutral paint color or wallpaper. If you don't want paint  of wallpaper the room you can also choose a canopy to add some color. Please note that canopies have to be savely installed and removed if a child is little and starts tugging the material. Decals are also a great option to create a  wallpaper pattern ( Check this blog for tips) or make a litte cozy corner with some color.


One large area that is often forgotten in the room is the ceiling. You can paint it or wallpaper it! just make sure that all floors are protected when you do this, because it will give a bit of a mess.

In the photo: Pink flower set

Other items in the picture:
bed: Ikea, accessories: Action, H & M. Dress: Wehkamp. Klamboe: Kwantum.




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