Circus tent met olifanten

Circus tent with elephants

Circus! One of the new trends in children's rooms. But how to make a tent on the wall now?

Get the essentials:

Pencil, eraser, painter's tape, brushes, paint, a tape measure and possibly a spirit level

Start Sketching

Make a sketch

Draw the tent on the wall-use the tape measure to make five 20 cm planes, for example, if you want the tent to be 1 meter wide.


Don't start painting until you are really satisfied with your sketch on the wall, watching from a distance helps a lot! You can choose to paint the tent direct on the wall or use painter's tape to make the design. 

Tip: Using your painter's tape, the trick for clean lines is to paint the edges of the tape with the color of the wall first. So do you have a white wall? Then you first paint all the lines of the painting tape with the white paint, if paint gets under it, that is the white paint. You paint the desired color over it (when it is dry), so there will be no colored paint under the painter's tape and you will have a clean line. (After the white paint was dry, I painted with pink/red)

Tip: Use tester jars for the tent for paint.

In the photo you can see the duo of elephants at the circus tent

In the photo you can see the wall sticker Elephant duo

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