Lief kamertje zonder te schilderen!

Cozy room without painting the walls!

A sweet little room with soft shades and natural materials such as wood and rattan. A perfect base for a children's room. Here  we chose to work with a canapy in a soft salmon/peach color as the main color in the room. The wall decals (Bunnies with hearts) provide extra color on the wall and give the illusion of height due to the placement of the hearts in a diagonal line.

The round rattan rug, the rattan wall basket/shelf and the wooden bed add extra warmth and texture to the room.

Do you want to add more color without painting? Then replace the rattan rug for, for example, a plain rug in a soft color or go for bedding in one color, in this way you add another pop of color in the room. Want more of a wallpaper effect in the room? Then place the hearts in a pattern on the wall:




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