DIY bogen schilderen met lambrisering

DIY arches

Looking for a simple way to fill a wall? Then make several arches with a paneling between the arches! To make things more fun for a children's room, I added the flower set wall stickers with the sparrow.

What do you need:

  • Paint (I used three colors, two mixed myself)
  • Pain brushes
  • Paint Rollers (for the large pieces)
  • Potlood
  • Rope or a long ruler
  • Wall Stickers-Flowers XL set And the Sparrows

Step 1

Choose a color palette. I chose here to mix the white latex (RAL 9010) with the pink in a light shade as a background and a darker shade for the bows. The paneling with a more red pink. Because the colors are in line, they are correct in terms of palette. Not sure what you want? Go to Pinterest and search for: color palette pink (or any other desired color). You can use the colors to find the right colors in the hardware store.

Note-colors can differ from the screen and appear differently on a wall, so always use testers!

Step 2

They took the book off. You can do this in various ways, for example with a rope or with a ruler. I use a piece of cardboard for it myself-keep the middle well and draw the bow well by continuing the piece of cardboard slightly. You can also use a round object such as a round tray.

Step 3

Paint! For a tight result, tape off the straights. For the round parts, work with a brush-this is often easier to make the curve neat (I didn't have this one on hand!).

Step 4

Paint the spacers-also here, use tape if you want clean lines. I didn't do this for the spacers.

Step 5 (or step 2 if you are smart :))

Paint the spacers at the top. The most convenient thing you can do is do this before you make the bows! But make sure that you can get lines where the paint stops. If you have enough paint than the entire wall, you can be sure that you have no lines and you will have the best result.

Step 6

Stick the wall stickers-here I have the XL flower set Used with the Sparrows.

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