DIY Zon schilderen

DIY Sun painting

Step 1: draw the sun on the wall. For the round part you can cover this (for example round tray or a board) or use a string with a pencil to create a beautiful round shape

Step 2: tape off the sun's rays. Use painter's tape or other tape that does not cause damage to the wall. I myself did this in several phases to ensure that the rays were quite close together.


Step 3- After you made the sun rays with the tape, start painting with the original color of the wall (in this case, white) over the tape. This way you fill in any gaps that the tape has and this gives you an excellent result.

Step 4: paint, after the paint (in this case white) is dry with the right color the sun rays. Check carefully if you need 1 or 2 layers to get a good result in terms of color.

Step 5: Take off all the tape and add some more rays if necessary.

In the photo you can see the XL giraffes set.



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